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PGY2 Psychiatry San Jose, California

PGY2 residency programs build upon Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education and PGY1 pharmacy residency training to develop pharmacist practitioners with knowledge, skills, and abilities as defined in the educational competency areas, goals, and objectives for advanced practice areas. Residents who successfully complete PGY2 residency programs are prepared for advanced patient care or other specialized positions, and board certification in the advanced practice area, if available.

The Kaiser Permanente San Jose PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency Program provides comprehensive learning experiences in a variety of areas related to mental health. Training includes learning experiences in the inpatient and ambulatory care settings. In addition to working closely with preceptors, physicians, and patients to become an integral part of the psychiatric care team, the psychiatric pharmacy resident will work closely with psychiatric medical residents; coupling together as a team during specific psychiatry learning experiences to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration as a trainee and for the future.

Pharmacy Services

The Kaiser Permanente Greater San Jose Area pharmacists and technicians provide pharmaceutical services in the inpatient setting as well a wide range of clinical programs in the ambulatory and outpatient settings. We have 5 outpatient pharmacies in San Jose, 1 pharmacy in Gilroy, Watsonville and Scotts Valley along with 1 inpatient pharmacy in San Jose. Clinical Pharmacists work as an integral part of a robust multidisciplinary team in the areas of adult and child psychiatry as well as addiction medicine and recovery services. Pharmacists provide medication management through video and telephone visits, teach patient classes, lead an ADHD program, provide didactic lectures for the psychiatry medical residents, as well as precept pharmacy students and residents.

The Kaiser Permanente San Jose PGY2 Psychiatric residency program provides an innovative, challenging and dynamic learning environment to its residents. Residents will experience caring for patients with a wide range of mental health conditions such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, insomnia, ADHD, neurocognitive disorders, bipolar disorders, and psychotic disorders.

San Jose At A Glance

Learning Experiences

Core Experience

  • Orientation (3 weeks)
  • Drug Use Management (4 weeks, Formulary Management)
  • General Adult Psychiatry (6 weeks; Ambulatory Care)
  • Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (6 weeks; Ambulatory Care)
  • Inpatient Behavioral Health Center (8 weeks; Inpatient)
  • Inpatient Medical Psychiatric Unit (4 weeks, Advanced Inpatient)
  • Geriatric Psychiatry / Consult Liaison Psychiatry Service (6 weeks split rotation, Ambulatory Care / Inpatient)

Elective Experience

  • Addiction Medicine Recovery Services (Ambulatory Care)
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Ambulatory Care)
  • Chronic Pain Management (Ambulatory Care)
  • HIV/Infectious Disease (Ambulatory Care)
  • Hospice (Ambulatory Care)
  • Neurology (Ambulatory Care)

                   – Elective learning experiences are 6-week split rotations
                   – All core learning experiences may be repeated as an advanced elective rotation

Longitudinal Experience

  • Continuing Medical Education (3 months)
  • Regional Medication Use Evaluation (3 months)
  • Drug Information (12 months)
  • Management / Leadership Series (12 months)
  • Project / Research Management (12 months)
  • Teaching (12 months)

Requirements for Acceptance

  • Graduate of an Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)-accredited (or ACPE candidate status) school of pharmacy.
  • Completion of an ASHP-Accredited PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program prior to start date in position or have equivalent experience approved by ASHP.
  • If not already licensed as a Pharmacist in the state of CA, must be licensed as an Intern Pharmacist in the state of CA by start of program
  • Must be licensed as a pharmacist in the state of CA by August 1, 2024
  • Candidates must be registered in the National Matching Services, Inc. (NMS).
  • Candidates must participate in the ASHP Matching Program.
  • Program NMS Code: 606166 and ASHP Program Code: 92956

Application Requirements

  • Statement of Interest/Letter of Intent
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official Pharmacy School transcripts, sent directly from the applicant’s college or school of pharmacy
  • 3 letters of references/recommendations utilizing the form in PhORCAS
  • One letter of recommendation should be from a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program Director
  • Application Deadline: January 8, 2024

Interview Details

**This residency agrees that no person at this residency will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any residency applicant**

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Apply using the ASHP standard application process on the ASHP PhORCAS website.

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Current Pay Rate

$34.32 per hour

Contact Information

Leah Arnbrecht, PharmD, BCPP
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Supervisor
Residency Program Director

Kaiser Permanente – Clinical Pharmacy Services
275 Hospital Parkway, Suite 625
San Jose, California 95119
United States
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Hajer Ibrahim, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP, APH
Ambulatory Care Psychiatric Pharmacist
Residency Program Coordinator

Kaiser Permanente – Clinical Pharmacy Services
275 Hospital Parkway, Suite 625
San Jose, California 95119
United States
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