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For more than four decades, Kaiser Permanente’s Pharmacy Residency Program has offered pharmacy graduates the opportunity to learn how to make a positive impact on patient outcomes in a variety of acute care and ambulatory settings with the highest levels of coordinated care.

Our pharmacy residents are guided by high-caliber preceptors with extensive experience who create a supportive learning environment where residents are challenged and encouraged to grow.

As the nation’s largest not-for-profit health care organization, our integrated care delivery system provides seamless care to patients. Kaiser Permanente pharmacists practice in an environment of professional collaboration with physicians and other team members that is continually evolving to enhance patient care.

This extensive collaboration – combined with our electronic medical record and other integrated technology – allows our pharmacists to leverage their expertise to improve the total health of our members and patients. Kaiser Permanente members receive care from more than 14,000 pharmacy staff members serving in hospitals, outpatient pharmacies, clinics, infusion centers, call centers, and central prescription filling facilities.

Our pharmacy residents learn the clinical and people skills necessary to serve the needs of diverse patient populations, and have the opportunity to develop as future leaders positioned for whatever career they aspire to.

The health care landscape is changing more quickly than ever before. As pioneers of integrated care, Kaiser Permanente clinicians work together with a spirit of continuous innovation and collective inspiration. Every year, our pharmacy residents contribute to award-winning research projects that advance the frontiers of care.

Residents have the opportunity to follow patients throughout the care continuum, gaining both a general appreciation for what it takes to provide high-quality outcomes and exposure to special areas of practice like ambulatory care, oncology, informatics, and many others.

Graduates who start their careers in pharmacy with a residency at Kaiser Permanente are equipped with the clinical knowledge, practical skills, and leadership development that are the essential cornerstones of a satisfying and rewarding professional life.

We are proud of contributing to the future of the practice of pharmacy by offering residents the training and experience that can only be found in a truly integrated care environment.

Mary Beth Lang

Mary Beth Lang
Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Kaiser Permanente

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